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1.  A Dimming Light (xiii)2.  Baptized In Fog (xiii)
3.  Innu (xvi)4.  We Chew Our Tongues (xiv)
5.  Into Memory And Forgotten (vii)6.  Ottru (xix)
7.  Turn Away The Spoken Word (x)8.  Germination Of All Things (xii)




It was a couple of weeks ago. Still worth viewing. Many thanks to Jose for his kind words.

Many a band in this world will spend hours of their careers in studios and in rehearsal rooms and never release anything as good as 'Demo 2008'. The overall feeling of TSCUUTL - let's shorten it like that from now on, my fingers hurt already - and the basic framework in which it operates is clearly black metal, as it's peppered with that foggy ambiance you get from other one-man projects such as Burzum, of course, but also Leviathan, Xasthur or Krieg, for instance, conveniently all of the three USBM as well. However, that's not all there is to it, not by a long shot. Less abrasive than the aforementioned, TSCUUTL verges on the psychedelic sometimes, drifting along hazy doom-like dirges with distant vocal samples, tons of reverb and a certain spectral quality to the vocals. On the other hand, on a song like 'I Wait, My Ghost', for example, there's also a remarkable clarity on the final sections, with a surprisingly luminous solo and clean guitars achieving an effect akin to a single ray of light coming out of a pitch black tomb. When it all gets dirty, though, it's proper dirt too. a death metal kind of dirt on which even the vocals turn rougher and coarser and the music more direct and instantly crushing. I could keep throwing names and parallels like "a more to-the-point Deathspell Omega" or some other journo shit like that, but just go and listen to the damn thing.



"And The Dreams So Rich In Color" availible for download

Our latest release "And The Dreams So Rich In Color"  is available for download at http://thesuncameupupontheleft.bandcamp.com

There are still plans for a physical release, but all the tracks are available to download now.